Many soccer betting fans have come across such an event outcome option as “both score”.

What does “both goals scored” (BS) mean?

This type of bet assumes that in the meeting of productive actions will be both the hosts and guests, and it does not matter what number, the main thing is more than zero.

What are the variants of the bet “both goals scored”?

Almost all bookmaker’s shops offer the same betting variants. And, importantly, it is almost always accompanied by good odds. Usually they are in the range of 1.4-2.25.

There can be a lot of options for betting on the “both goals” in soccer. Here are a few basic ones:

  1. “Both to Score – No”. Such a result will not occur, i.e., only one of the opponents will be marked by a productive action or there will be none at all.
  2. In addition, bookmakers offer to bet in soccer on “both to score” in a particular half of the match.
  3. Even more difficult are predictions on “both to score” and elimination.
  4. “Both to score” and the exact score.
  5. We will not focus on them, let’s dwell on the classic model, which assumes that the productive actions in the match will be on the part of both opponents at the end of the whole meeting.

A “both score” bet is called “BS” in bookmakers’ offices.

Many are faced with the fact that there is an interesting soccer match ahead, but the obvious favorite in it is not present, or the situation is the opposite – the probability of victory of one of the opponents is so great that it is simply unprofitable to bet on P1. In this case, betting on BS is the obvious solution to the problem.
For example, the conditional Real Madrid and Elche are playing. It is clear that the Madrid club will be the clear favorite in the match, and bookmakers are unlikely to reward a high odds bet on its victory.
However, soccer fans know that the “Slivos” often concede, they will not play some of their leading performers. All this will help the outsider at least once to hit the gate “Real”. And that’s what the bettor needs. At the moment when both opponents have distinguished themselves with productive actions, the bet is automatically considered a winning one.

The strategy “Both to Score – Yes” in soccer: on which matches to bet?

This strategy is good to use on the matches of the middles, which demonstrate the attacking soccer. Where, both teams usually score a lot by themselves and allow the opponents to play. This means that the chances of an accurate prediction will definitely be. Statistics show that bets on “both to score” in soccer, are well suited for such championships:

  • Primera;
  • Eredivisie;
  • Bundesliga.

When choosing a soccer match to bet on BS – yes it is important to focus not only on the league, but also on the specific teams and the conditions in which they find themselves.

When to bet on Both will go in? Consider all factors before betting on BS!

Despite the high chances of “passing” this bet in soccer for almost any match, you need to consider many factors and do a proper analysis of the match:

  1. Recent team results. This is the most trivial and obvious. If you see that the club plays well in the attack, you can safely make such a prediction on the fact that both teams will score in the opponents’ goal. That said, do not discount teams that have a long goalless streak. They will surely breakthrough and score a goal. It remains to be seen just how high the probability is that this will already happen in this match.
  2. Tournament motivation of the clubs. It is best not to make such a bet on the matches of the last rounds of the national champions or the group stages of the Champions League, European Union, World Cup, European Championship. Often unmotivated players take part in the games. The team has already solved its problems and there is no point in giving 100% of its energy in the upcoming game. This drastically reduces the likelihood of effective action.
  3. The starting lineup of players. Pay attention to whether the leading scorers will play, whether the central defenders are in the line-up. The presence / absence of productive actions in the match most often depends on these players.
  4. Carefully study the statistical resources. Pay attention not only to results, but also to the number of goals, their authors, the exact score of meetings.

As of today, this strategy looks quite good as a long term opportunity to make money.

From betting on which soccer matches is better to give up?

The probability of just one productive action in the performance of a team (even if played conditional Andorra and England) is always very high. Goalkeeper’s mistake, weather conditions, relaxation of the team may lead to this. For example, one club leads with a large score difference and not too much resistance to the “prestige goal” performed by the opponents. Therefore, it is rational to consider even bets on matches involving outright outsiders.
But there is also a category of matches that are not the best for this strategy. For example, it is the confrontation of the status clubs. These teams often choose the defensive type of play and do not want to take unnecessary risks. Therefore, if any productive action occurs, it should only be by one team.
Also this betting option does not look good for the cup finals. Take, for example, the last two finals of the Champions League. In them only one team scored. In the last four European finals only one of the opponents scored a goal. In the decisive matches the competitors play very cautiously which leads to not very productive soccer between the teams.

Betting on BS on live confrontations

Not bad similar strategy proved itself among other working strategies in play.
If initially the odds on “both score” is about 1.8, then closer to the middle of the first half (assuming the absence of productive action) it rises to 2.2 and above. This is a good opportunity to make a profitable prediction, because there is still more than an hour to play, so the probability of resulting actions is very high.
Also in play you can see what strategies have been chosen by the opponents, whether they are aimed at productive soccer. More risky is the betting on “both to score” when the scoreboard is 0:0 after the first half. However, even such predictions are possible. Suffice it to recall the same final of the 2018 Champions League, when after the first half the score was not opened, and in the second half the opponents scored four goals. The odds on this are already quite high and usually close to 3, but also the risks of losing are high.