We live in an interesting age of rapid computer development. Monotonous, standard activities have long been automated and betting is no exception. Clients of betting offices have long and successfully used so-called bots – programs that work according to a predetermined algorithm in real time. The task of this kind of software is to make trading as efficient as possible, or even to put it into automatic mode.

You should be very careful with programs that are in the public domain, because a lot of malicious programs are spread under the guise of bots. Bots are usually created for specific resources – for example, for the Betdaq and Betfair betting exchanges. There are several flavors of this type of malware, which we will discuss next.

The first type – trade optimizer

The purpose of the optimizer is to make the exchange market more informative for betting clients. The program constantly downloads new data from exchange markets and generates charts, which, in turn, if properly used, open up a huge number of possibilities, among them – the automation of trade, the rapid response to any event in the market.

For the most part, bots are written for use with an exchange, having full compatibility with its API.

Fully automated software

Automated traders are usually understood to be automated bots that analyse the market in real time and make bets without the user’s participation, provided that the parameters are consistent. Developments of this kind either cost money or are developed by the player himself for his own personal use.

Beginners may mistakenly think that the key to success and guaranteed earnings in betting is the use of automated trading bots. This is fundamentally wrong, because the player should be aware of the exact purpose for which this or that program is used and the algorithm by which it works.