The internet is developing rapidly and bookmakers are now offering betting after the match has started. These bets are called live bets and although they are not yet as popular as, for example, betting on totals, the demand for them is growing every day.

How it works

A player bets on a particular outcome directly during a sporting event. The game of the teams, the conditions of the meeting, the composition of the players are studied and, analyzing the information received, bet on the outcome. Curiously, the odds in this game are dynamic – thus, they will change according to the number of goals, as well as the points scored. After a team scores a goal, betting stops, but the bookmakers will start accepting bets with different odds, as soon as the game is resumed.

Where can I place live bets?

All major bookmakers and betting exchanges now offer live betting, but the most popular betting sites are bet365 and William Hill. Of course, you can always look around and find betting shops that offer more interesting odds.

As the popularity of live betting grows, bookmakers are opening up new markets for customers – not only football, but also tennis, horse racing, baseball and other sports can be bet in real time after the match has started.